Vinyl mode on mc6000mk2 stopped working

For some reason, the vinyl mode on mc6000mk2 stopped working, help! Rebooted unit, rebooted laptop. Serato DJ. Always worked before. Thoughts??

Try the unit in a different location as a first test - so if the problem happened at a particular venue, try it at home… if it happened at home, try it at a mates house.

Sometimes local interference, such as dirty mains or bad earth can cause local issues.

Also check that, if the gearcwaz recently moved/reconnected, that the 6000 has its own power supply plugged into it, not your laptop power supply … on some laptops, it’s the same Coaxial barrel plug as on the 6000 and it’s all too easy to plug the wrong plug in…

i have the same problem with my gear the vinyl mode is very slow… can’t stop the track while touching platter. any software trick i am missing? tried to different computers. Same result. on full evolution on the platter does not equal one full rotation on the software