Vinyl/control disc seems loose

I’ve come from using Stanton ST.150s and phase, and got used to nudging the vinyl to go quicker (pitch bend) as with phase you can’t twist the spindle.

With my 6000M, the vinyl seems quite loose on the platter. Slowing down is easy by running your finger on the side of the platter, but pushing the record forward seems quite difficult as the vinyl will just go at the same speed as my fingers, rather than fri tion allowing me to add a bit of speed. Am I missing something, is there a way of increasing the grip between the co tell disc and the platter so its more like a vinyl turntable, or is there a technique I’m missing? I don’t want to keep turning the motor off every time I want to do a pitch bend, I was hoping it would be like a proper turntable, otherwise I’d have just bit the bullet and learned how to mix with a traditional static platter like the standard 6000. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers

Hello @MardyJ Welcome to the forum. You can add a bit more friction against the slip mat by using different slip mats or with default one You can simply press gently the vinyl against the platter when Your platter-spindle lock is released. You need to press the button on the vinyl release and instead of pulling it, just press down and then release.

Thanks @NoiseRiser. Where can you get slipmats for the 6000M? I’ve googled it and haven’t found anywhere

Try to look for regular 7” slipmats.