Vinyl Backcue Setting....

Ok…have this question: Just got these last week. I notice when i put a tape marker on the vinyl…and use a certain record to ‘cut up’…say…Al Naafycsh’ Its Time by Hashim. I notice when i bring or back cue the track to that starting point…the tape is not in the same area. Moves all over the vinyl. Is there a setting for this?

Hi Rod. What you’re describing is known as “Sticker Drift”.

If you’ve got two of the units, it’s worth swapping the platters over, between the two units to see if the sticker drift stays with a particular deck, or follows a particular platter. Sometimes people would drop the platter, causing it to become mis-shapen, which in turn caused smooth rotation issues.

Alternatively, the platter screws could be too loose or too tight - or the layers above the platter eg: the vinyl, slipmat etc could be on the wrong way up or in the wrong order.

If none of the above situations are found to be the cause, the unit may need attention at an authorised Service Center.

Thanks Alot Gee…Ill Try The Screws. Hope It Works…

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