Viewing BPMs in Library View

One thing I got very used to as a Traktor DJ was being able to quickly see the BPM of all tracks in my collection, whether they were in playlists or just in their original folders on my external drive. It’s what gave me ideas for what to mix next. I do not see a way to do this with the P4. If I load and play the track, the BPM will be shown in the History view, or it can happen if I add the tracks to a crate. This is true if I analyze the files with Engine Prime first with my laptop, with the P4 in controller mode. Nothing shows up in the regular Library/Folder browser view. Is there a way to do this that I’m missing? Do I really need to have everything in Crates or History before I can see their BPMs?


Actually, if you hold your tap a bit longer, it will bring up a track information view where it shows the bpm and other details of the song, and you can actually rate it as well. Hope this helps.

What I’m asking for is the ability to see the BPMs for all tracks in a folder at once, the same way Traktor and Serato display them after you analyze the folder. When browsing through the P4 libraries, it’s just track titles. Does anyone know how to get BPMs to display when browsing?

What does it currently look like?

As I just mentioned above, when browsing through the P4 library, it’s just track titles. No metadata is displayed in this view, requiring me to manually view track info one by one, or load them into decks. The History view displays the key and BPM - why can’t the Library view? I hope I’m just missing something obvious.

It sounds like you don’t have a setting selected.

Try going into the Utility or preferences window and Selecting “Metadata” instead of “Filename” view.

You’re correct OP. Apparently, the only way to see BMP&Key info would be to swipe left (Prepare) then see them on the Prepare list. Which is kind of backwards - you want to already know what you’re sending, and also defeats the purpose of having everything first analysed in Engine Prime s/w - you’d expect that info to be visible and at the front.