Video DJ discussion (from topic of different content)

A lot of clubs can be quite dark. I just made a small LED lighting bar that sits underneath my laptop. It lights up the controller perfectly so you can see all the buttons clearly.


is that monitor screen displaying the main video output?

what sorta laptop is that? where is the keyboard?

Yeah, video monitor is a Gechic OnLap 1101p 11" monitor, brilliant quality.

The laptop is a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro which folds back to tablet mode and sits on a crane stand.

You can use the on-screen touch keyboard if you wish but I have a small Logitech bluetooth backlit keyboard that just sits at the side and does the job fine.

It’s an absolutely brilliant setup.

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i’m gonna start discussion in another thread so we don’t derail this one. Always excited to talk to other video djs. I will tag you in the thread Video Deejaying Tips and Tricks


So how do you connect the monitor up to display what the main screen is seeing. Can virtual dj output to two different external independent displays? ie your monitor and the clubs display matrix system.

I use Serato DJ + Mixemergency and Serato can only display to one Output. ie I have only the option to select one output even if i connect more than one HDMI/Display cable.

I checked out that monitor specs, i have something similar but i just use it as a extended display for the laptop screen, eg i can have folders open on it or resolume etc. That way i don’t have to minimise Serato to use Resolume GUI.

Resolume is Great I’m working with it since years. A few years ago I had the joy to play on an big local festival on the drum base stage was an great experience. I can’t upload images so here a link: