video control between both ( A and B layers)

Hello, I was wondering if there was a way that SC5000 and X1800 combo has a way of controlling the master video out between the A and B layer of an sc5000 unit. On other software, its controlled by a push of a button that switches the video output between both layers. Example: I want to use 2 SC5000’s and the X1800 mixer using (HID MODE) on Serato. I begin a file/video on the left SC5000 on layer “A” and my cross fader of my mixer all the way to the left. I like the music of layer “A” but I don’t like the video of that loaded track. So, I load another track on the same SC5000 (LEFT SIDE) on layer “B”. As the audio is playing from layer “A” I want the video from layer “B” to show on my video output. Am I just missing something so simple I wasn’t able to see it?

Serato Video only does 2 video channel as far as I know.

If you want to use another video instead of the original video you have to drag the new video on to the playing deck video preview window. I use Mixemergency which is basically a Serato video fork on steroids and that’s how I do it

Say I’m playing a song with a visual on deck A and I don’t like the visual, I can either search my Media crate in Serato or video library for another visual. Once I decide on what visual I will like, I use the mouse to drag that visual on to the Preview window of deck A. The video is then swapped to the new one.

Is this what you trying to achieve?

yeah i guess that makes sense but i was really hoping to use some other control that would dictate which layer’s video would show on screen. VDJ has this option and worked well for me as I would use the video output of layers (A & B) back and forth. I found this useful when videos had some not so kid friendly images come up on screen but the music was good. maybe this is something that Denon can work on. this would give us more control over our awesome gear.

Thanks for your reply