Vibration causing USB to disconnect and reconnect...?


Last weekend I was at a underground gig in Essen (Germany), and we had just next to dj booth 8 double 18" subs creating a massive vibration. In one moment (luckily at almost end of my set), all USB’s started to randomly reconnect and pop up on the display. It would not be strange if one would do that, but all connected usb sticks?? Also worth mentioning is that vibration killed 3 laptops from the guys that were recording our sets :smiley:

Well, did anyone had such a problem from vibration causing to disconnect the USB’s???

Usb are sticks or SSD drive?

I’d make sure I was using an SD in future for a gig like that!!

USB Sticks.

Many people had USB sticks only. That was not directly my problem, as my USB was holding tight (lucky).

Maybe use a short USB extension cable that will eliminate the weight of the usb stick helping the vibration screw up the contact inside the usb port? Worth a try. Also, a short USB extension cable will help you access the rear ports and also protect the units usb ports from damage (experience with those damn CDJ’s)

Such a cable is delivered in the box, if I’m not mistaken. :relieved:

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Such cables were used, and this still failed.

then it must be something within the unit meaning it cannot be mitigated other than the usual “avoid vibration” workarounds that we did since turntable age. since I did not experience using SC5000 in such a heavy bass environment, could you give us any comparison how the competition players behave in such a venue? or was that a temporary setup? with CDJ I’ve heard of jogs moving and screwing up the mix

It was an underground event. 8x double 18” subs just right next to dj desk. After this we put some foams under the players and was fine. But in general the vibrations should not affect the decks as that much. We used 2x SC5000M on the dj booth and 2 turntables, xone 92 mixer. Music was mostly 200 BPM and up.

This is ultimately the bottom line really.

Almost any type of equipment can suffer from vibration. Vinyl players, equaliser sliders sliding downward during a gig, CD players jumping, bouncy stages, decks too close to bass speakers

It’s more the case of working out what the local issue is, in that particular environment and adding anti-vibration matting, or moving bass cabs further away from players, rather than expecting multiple pieces of equipment to be adjusted to this weeks environment, next weeks environment, etc

We used my SC5000M’s both nights Friday (Hardcore 180 - 250 BPM) & Saturday (Speedcore / Splittercore >250BPM). Friday Night @NoiseRiser played a very strong set. Thanks for that mate. During my sets I use SD Cards instead of USB to have my collection anytime in the players, and more important to free up all USB ports for changin’ DJs.

Saturday night DJ Speakterror delivered an awesome performance. I’ve never seen/heard something like that with so fast music. The bottom line these units really rock.

For All USB Ports, we use cable extensions to avoid problems. On the back, we use 2 shielded USB3 cables and on the front the Denon supplied ones.

We had several issues during the gigs. Just to mention a few: Disappearing drives, lost LAN connection (directly from player to player), eject button without any function, one SC5000m lost profile configuration. Beneath the players, we used two turntables, which performed well without any feedback on the needles.

Yet I didn’t have the time to fully check the units after the gigs.

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