Very Slow to Create Crates

Has anyone else noticed Engine Prime being VERY slow to create new crates with a large library?

I have a huge collection of 100,000+ songs spread out over two Samsung SSD external drives, along with some on the local drive. The external drives are formatted 1) ExFat and 2) Fat32.

I’m using a Surface Book I7 on Windows 10 with 16 GB of memory and 256GB internal SSD drive formatted with NTFS.

When creating just a simple new crate, Engine prime takes upwards of 1 minute to do…whatever, and finally create the crate.

The job listing shows “Reading Crates: Processing collection” and “Checking files 80,000 remaining”

This happens when creating a crate on any drive, internal or external.

I also have a MacBook and use the same drives on the Engine Prime software. It may take less than 3 seconds to create a crate on the same drives.

I’m aware this is a huge library, but that doesn’t seem to be the complete issue.

Hi, you’ve got too much files for the fat 32 format, so it is normal.

Happens on other formats like Exfat