Very Slow Sync Manager and wrong BPM Range

I just updated to the new version of Engine PRIME. I was wondering if anyone else had this issue.

The sync manager is very slow. To just update a new crate on my USB its taking over an hour. Dragging and dropping is so much faster, but it will often duplicate songs. Sync manager is taking wayyyyy too long.

Also, I had this issue with the beta and the previous version, when I set the BPM range and then analyze tracks it will not follow the range that I set. For example I set my range to be about 98-175, and Engine will consistently analyze songs to be 60 BPM, 80 BPM, and 70 BPM. I have to manually double every single song.

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If your tracks contain BPM information in the ID3 tag data this will take precedence over the algorithm. It might be worth checking the tag data on a few of the problem tracks.

So, we cannot change the BPM through analysis without having blank ID3 tags for BPM? If that’s the case- Why is it that way? It seems very counter intuitive and definitely slows workflow. Manually doubling hundreds/thousands of tracks is a very obnoxious task.

Is there anyway to change BPM ID3 tags in the software or do I need use third party software to do so?