Vertical waveform for Channel 1 and 2 next to each other (library to the side)

Just a thought I know people have been asking for horizontal wave forms but as a preference setting it would be nice to select channel 1 and 2 only with both channel 1 and 2 being vertical side by side either to the left of the screen with the library to the right instead of channel 1 to the left of the library and channel 2 to the right of the library… What do you guys think


In that case, I would just use deck 3 and 1 - and then use deck 2 for samples etc.

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Feature request move @JWiLL

That will work for certain types of mixing but because they are on the same side, you can’t do things like “Instant Doubles”.

I was just thinking about this this morning, lol. I think if they go to the regular screen set up as serato, vdj, etc, everyone would be happy. I do like the vertical waves in the middle. I really don’t like them split. I see why they did it, but it didn’t work well. Just have to mix the old school way and use your ears.

Thanks for this suggestion - I have moved to the correct area :slight_smile:


Would love to have the option of the library to the side or the ability to hide it alltogether


I would love to aee the 4 decks side by side and the playlist/crate on either side… that would be awsome workflow!!!

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This would also be my favorite view because i never understood why a horizontal view on a vertical structured Workplace is like the holy grail.

This view combined with a quick deck acivation mode which you can turn on or off over der preferences menu. For example you’re live on deck 1 and/or 2 and want to prepere some loopy stuff on channel 3 or 4, just engage the cue button from those channels and you get instant control over those decks and vice versa.

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That would be my favorite view (or the library on the right side) or floating panels so that everyone can shape the view according to their preferences. Anyway i never understood why a horizontal view on a vertical structured workplace should be the best solution

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This!!! (was trying to get it into photoshop, glad some one beat me to it! ^^)

  • With deck 1-2-3-4 viewed next to eachother like this, it fit’s it’s purpose of aligning grids/waveforms
  • The upper track id-zones connected to the 1-3 & 2-4 buttons.

We could just swipe your track to it’s destination deck, that’s would be such an easy workflow with a touchscreen. (the touchscreen is there so why not taking full use of it like this ^^)

Also… The ability to chose for vertical/horizontal waveform view in this layout would be be a nice feature too for some. (if it’s possible, provide it imo)

Sidenote: DENON, you guys are having a gamechanger!! Loving this product!!

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I would volunteer to be a beta tester :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:

The funny thing is all my DJ Friends where asking for a test session because i’m the only one who has a Prime 4 at home. And every time it’s the same procedure. First they complain about the vertical waveform, i show them how to switch between the views, then i leave them alone so they can play around and when i return they use the vertical view

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Is there a way to aply to become a beta Firmware/Software tester???

Would offer my spare time to help & perfect the prime 4 without any doubt!!