Version 2 anytime soon? About to buy...

Hi everyone,

I’ve been a long time Pioneer fan but they lost me with the SX 3. Mix channels distort and they removed the crossfader curve. Sad.

That being said, I’m going to switch to the MC 7000 but see that it was released in 2016. But, Is there any plan for a release of a version 2 soon?

I hate buying gear and then finding out a new version was released 2 months later.

Thanks in advance for your guidance!

The 8000 came out before the 7000 and hasn’t been replaced yet.

As long as the 7000 meets your need and your are happy with the feature set then no reason not to buy it.

New gear will always be released, same as there will always be a prettier girl or boy.


The 7000 is yes a very nice model. But I don’t think of denon to make anything of just being a midi player from now to the future.

They might make a HID controller but HId is usual tied to just one DJ softwares

I would think of any new thing that size of 7000 would be usb play stanalone and HID to one denon-friendly dj softwares

The mc7000 is missing usb stand alone functionality and the displays to help that function.

If all you’re after though, is just midi control, not stand alone, then the mc7000 is probably the best large format midi controller around. It’s also questionable whether midi controller releases are slowing down nowadays. A few years ago, there seemed to be a few new ones every month but recently, not so much. They’re getting rarer

If I were in the position of being about to buy a plain and simple midi controller with some nice DJ functions, I’d look at the 7000.

We can’t announce any products on here, but keep your eyes peeled on our website in 2019 :slight_smile:

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