VDJ support?

What happened to the VDJ support?

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It is partially supported at the moment with an add-in mapping for the hardware only (no screens)

One of the VDJ devs posted yesterday that they have now sorted the issue with the screen SDK so it should be fully supported in the next month or so.

Unfortunately you will still have to reboot the unit to switch between VDJ and standalone. That is a hardware limitation confirmed by Denon.

I was replying to Cristophia but his post has disappeared.

Denon haven’t handled this well at all. Totally ignored any requests for information and according to Atomix the screen SDK had not been working for a year.

Nothing moves quickly in Denon land.

Aye, known about the mapping without the use of the screens, which if memory serves me correctly was sometime in October?

Have you a link to the post from the VDJ devs? Would like to have a read it this while self-isolating

TBH I’m not to arsed at this moment in time of going standalone. I suppose it is moving, albeit at a snails pace.

Looks like you found the relevant thread anyway.

Confirming this is still planned and currently in development. Progress is being made though. :slight_smile:


Aye, I did.

Sounds promising.

New prime user here, is there a way that you can fix the system so that The prime 4 can seamlessly switch from standalone mode to VDJ mode? Or have maybe 2 channels dedicated to standalone mode and the other 2 to VDJ? I’m reading that we would have to stop the music and reset currently to make this happen…

No, Denon have confirmed that is not possible due to a hardware limitation.

Very surprising given the MCX8000 does that currently.

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Glad to read it.

Since my purchase in nov 2019, I’ve been struggling with Serato Video to finally hack my way to installing 3rd party filters to make video work… and finally opted to ditch that and go straight to VDJ with the interim mapping.

Already did a full gig so far before the virus crisis hit and it worked flawlessly on 1.4.1

I am waiting patiently for these new goodies on the way. In the meantime, I did pre-load successfully EP 1.3.3 with my audio only directory and have that option should the laptop fail and/or a music only gig shows up.

Love my Prime 4!

This teaser photo from a VDJ developer look so promising :slight_smile:

Now I just hope the developers at Native Instruments will finally wake up and do the same, or this might just be my final reason to switch from Traktor to VDJ.


…unless something goes wrong, we will offer full support in a month or so, for both Prime 4 and SC5000

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And is that “we” Denon DJ or “we” Atomix ?

Atomix. The quote is from a thread on their forum.

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Very very soon! Keep your eyes open!!!

Switch to VDJ, you will not be disappointed!