VDJ MC7000 Mapping Tweaks Hidden FX and More

Anyone using the MC7000 with VDJ check this out


Waveform Zoom Pitch Fader Lock Loop Back Mode FX Show GUI FX Bit Crush FX Echo Doppler Hidden Color FX assignable to filter DUBECHO JET CRUSH REVERB Seriously improved browser and Lprep flow All with LED visuals

Anyone want to share theirs, let me know, i’ll add it. New ideas wanted.

Well, it looks as though three users downloaded the above mapping file.

How have those three users found working with the mapping?

The user will have to copy and paste the script themselves. I didn’t include the mapping file as people will likely have different controllers or they may only want to use 1 specific improvement to VDJ’s default Map.

I’m curious too. Especially wanting new ideas to try. I’m using the tweaks every weekend and they’re working perfectly for me. Especially the extra FX on the FILTER.