VDJ database conversion on Engine/Prime Controllers?

Hi Denon, any chance on adding (near future?) import VDJ Playlists (Library), including metadata (CUE points, LOOPS, Beatgrids), like it is already possible to import from Serato and Traktor in Engine Prime?

Or possibility to convert VDJ playlists (including metadata) on Prime unit, like it is already possible for Rekordbox?

Considering on buying a PRIME 2 and use it with laptop (Virtual DJ) and (for backup purposes or smaller venues) only SSD drive/USB stick with same VDJ Library (including all metadata).


Check out Rekordcloud for PC and macs.

It’s just been made Engine Prime compatible !

It’s the first really amazing piece of Prime compatible software created by a non-Denon source

It’s been requested for at least a year…


Add your vote (heart) to it, as it hasn’t got many right now.

Personally I cannot understand why VDJ import hasn’t been there from day one. Now that VDJ supports the Prime series hardware, why is Denon DJ not reciprocating by adding VDJ import?