Various problems Engine Prime version 1.2

I have several problems with Traktor import. I loaded all my tracks (7500) in an empty Engine Prime. Then I performed a Traktor update. After dragging playlist into EP… my collection went suddenly from 7500 to 225302 tracks and duplicates the tracks 4 or more times. Restart EP and everything looks fine again.

The second problem: Wen I drag my playlists to an external drive, everything looks fine, every track has a grid. But not in the SC5000, a lot of tracks (about 60%) are being analyzed at first load.

Third problem: After a restart of EP, all imported playlists from traktor contain less than half of the tracks. some small playlists looses all of the tracks.

fourth problem: Wen I add cue’s or make beat grid corrections on the SC5000, these corrections are not synced back in EP

have you found any solutions?

Found the Error!! I openend the traktor nml-file in a text editor and found that it had 2 file locations stored: “OSX Data” and “OSX DATA” The partition is now called “OSX DATA” , but before the change of that partition last year to FAT32 (Engine Prime can’t read from HFS partitions) is was called “OSX Data”. Traktor doesn’t care, but EP does apparently. Changed all “OSX Data” to “OSX DATA” (find and replace) in the Traktor nml file. Deleted all Engine library’s, and reinstalled EP 1.2. Most of my problem are solved now.

Only the second and fourth problem stays open, haven’t found a solution yet.

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