V1.3.1 with Prime 4 Firmware 1.3.2 - Files Not Transferring To SSD

I have been having trouble using my ITunes music on Engine 1.3.1 (Prime 4 Firmware 1.3.1) with it not importing all of the tracks. I have 20K plus music files yet over 2K of them were not copied over.

Since updating to Prime 4 Firmware 1.3.2 I cannot copy any files to the SSD.

The folders in ITunes show I have the music files but when transferred to Engine they show 0.

Using Windows 10 - Screenshots attached of the errors.

Where are the error logs stored so I can get them to support?

EnginePrimeIssue_17072019_2 EnginePrimeIssue_17072019_4

looks almost the same as my post…

did you format your drive before moving songs over? I havent tried mine yet but im wondering is Prime doesnt like it if the drive is not formatted correctly, but thats a wild guess!

same issue here … ssd samsung 1tb formatted in exfat I can’t transfer my 15k electro sound into the ssd drive

My SSD is Formatted exFAT and Partitioned as MBR. Inconsistent in transferring files and playlists.

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Hey guys,

I think there are two separate issues here, please correct me if I’m wrong.

  1. Engine Prime playlists imported from iTunes not importing all tracks in iTunes. Unexpected track mismatches.
  2. Unable to pack (transfer) Engine Prime playlists to PRIME 4 installed HD.

I’d like to help with both issues but only one at a time.

Let’s start by collecting some system/application data.

What full version of Windows 10?

What version of iTunes?

The most important issue for me is to get the music files importing correctly from my ITunes Library into Engine as I need this to be 100% without me having to manually check that I lost 2K plus files.

Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit - Version 1903 - OS Build 18362.239 / Intel i7-8700 3.2GHz with 16Gb RAM.

ITunes Latest Release v12.9.5.7

If you need any other info then just let me know.


Apologies for the delay. Would you available to do a Teamviewer screen-share session? If so, please PM me when would be a good time. I am currently in the US on EST.

Thanks man!

Hi @JWiLL,

A teamviewer session would be great as I need to get this sorted asap.

I understand about working US hours so not an issue. As you are 5 hours behind I can be available from 1pm GMT. And today (Friday) is good with me.

Many thanks.


Great! How’s 3PM your time?

Thats good with me. :slight_smile:

I am having random crates not showing up on my 5000’s as well. I have manually created each crate individually in engine prime, but roughly only 5 of the 25 crates actually show up on the 5000’s.