Using Virtual DJ with SC6000

Hi, Can someone please help me. I am trying to run Virtual DJ using the Denon SC6000. I followed all of the instructions on the Virtual DJ website (i.e. connected the SC6000 to my computer via USB, put the Denon SC6000 in computer mode, downloaded the latest firmware from Denon DJ, and clicking on ok after the Hardware detected Denon DJ SC6000 pops up on my computer screen). What I can’t figure out, is how do you get Virtual DJ to come up on the Denon SC6000 screen? Thanks, Scott

@PKtheDJ is very experienced with VDJ

stitmu has also posted the message on the VDJ forum and had a reply (he’s not running a recent enough MacOS).


I am using MacOS High Sierra version 10.13.6. Is that not recent enough?

You need OSX 10.14 or higher


Okay thank you kradcliffe