Using SC5000m prime with serato

Could anyone please help, I am trying to get an SC5000m prime working with serato pro.

I have update the firmware on the SC5000m and updated my drivers but it says please connect serato dj hardware.

Thanks in advance for any advice


SC5000m is not enough to run SeratoDJ. You need a SDJ certified mixer or external audio interface to run Serato. Like the X1800 mixer.

Thankyou thats really helpful.

I have a traktor A6, would I be able to use that somehow as the external audio interface?

no audio 6 and only for traktor you must use a certified serato card


Even X1800 will not unlock serato without license key. With X1800 You get a voucher that gives You some discount on buying serato dj klub kit (serato dj with dvs unlock). You buy it, register, then serato works.