Using MC4000 with just headphones and laptop

Newbie to any DJ Controller here. I have bought an MC4000 and, long before hooking the controller up to powered speakers or booth monitors, I would like to get my hands dirty with Serato DJ Lite and potentially buy DJ Pro 2. My question is, can I operate the controller solely with the USB attached to the laptop and the headphones plugged into the headphone jack? Will I damage the controller having it powered on with no connections at the main outputs?

You won’t damage it. But since you won’t have master audio coming from speakers, you won’t be able to DJ properly to test everything.

HI @Quasimodem51, you will be perfectly safe operating the controller with no main outputs connected but like @SlayForMoney has commented, to get the full power of the unit and Serato it’s best to connect them to speakers to enjoy the product to it’s full capacity.

I hope this helps.