Using iTunes Prime Go Became Bricked (latest firmware installed)

I suspect my old SD card is the problem, but when using a freshly transferred iTunes playlist to the card, I loaded one song on both decks. After testing some mixes for a few minutes, the screen and controls suddenly all froze at once. No way to stop, turn the levels down, nada. I tried forcing the Prime Go off but it wont shut down. The music finally stopped playing after about 8 minutes, and now the mixer is basically bricked, ON, all the lights on, the screen showing the last song played, but it will not shut down. Is there a “force quit” combination of buttons to press to get this to shut down so I can restart it? Or am I left with a brick? I unplugged it, in the hopes that the battery will eventually runout, and I’ll then be able to reboot it.


Does a long press and hold on the power button shut it down? Eg 10-20 seconds

Yes it did. I just did it before you replied. Thanks a bunch.

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