Using external keyboard for searches

Any chance that I can use an external keyboard for searches?

WIth the Engine software for PC/Mac ? (Based on forum category that the question has been asked in)

If you mean the SC5000, this is not currently supported. The community has a thread on this already. You’re not alone having this idea :slight_smile:

MCX8000. I really want to avoid using a laptop but it looks like I have to if I want to be able to quickly access the song I want.

In the linked thread it is mentioned that the use of a keyboard is not advised, but user brichi has been using a keyboard and also discovered a few shortcuts.

There’s two different machines being discussed on this thread. So a quick recap:

Mcx8000 : doesn’t use a qwerty keyboard at all

SC5000: if you plugged in a USB keyboard, then it would duplicate the functionality of the on-screen qwerty keyboard on the SC5000 touch screen.

However, the use of such an external keyboard is not supported. Some weird and wonderful combination of qwerty and function keys, modifier key etc on the external keyboard might stop a mix unexpectedly or kick-off some other odd behaviour which has never needed to be expected programmed to react to in any particular way.