Using Cue Points when tracks are Synced

OK, am I going mad here?

When I have two tracks Synced and playing together if I use a Cue Point on the performance pads the track then goes out of Sync and the Sync button flashes.

I’m pretty sure I could do this before updating to the latest Firmware.

Basically, I could Sync tracks then jump to a Cue Point and the tracks would remain Synced and I wouldn’t have to press the Sync button again.

Am I missing something or has anyone else now noticed this?


Do you have quantize on ?

Not sure what you mean?

Quantize where?

On the Player’s screen. Tap Quantize to enable it.

The manual says:

Press and hold Shift and then press the Forward (FWD) button to turn on / off quantize.

Should be as well possible to do that on the screen.

Thanks mate. Appreciate your help. :blush:

I knew I wasn’t going crazy.

All good now.