Use Laptop as Media Library


Apologies if this is in the wrong section as I think it could apply to 2 or 3 different ones.

My question though is this - is it possible to hook up a laptop to 2 SC5000M players and use it like a giant USB drive? Basically, all my tracks are in Engine Prime and Im fine with building playlists etc in it and exporting them to a pendrive to use in the players. Sometimes though I think it would be fun to just dive in to whatever tracks I like, without having to export them to a pendrive first. Hope that makes sense.

If it makes a difference too, I dont have a Denon mixer. Currently using a Pioneer DJM750 mk1 with the 2 SC5000M players.

Thanks in advance guys.

No, Engine Prime is not DJ software. You can’t use it to drag & drop tracks to the players.

The SC5000 players are Serato accesories though, so you could hook them to Serato and play from the laptop that way.

From a backup / redundancy point of view, it’s far better, just needs a little more housekeeping/ discipline to have an external harddrive and a mirrored external harddrive.

It’s easy to carry two identical hard drives, not so each to carry two identical laptops.

When you get used to all the searching and filter and sorting options that primes offer, on what are probably the largest smart console/ standalone screens in the industry, you won’t need the extra laptop screen inches, not even for giant libraries at multi-genre events for multi-age groups, nor for fast last minute changes of songs.

Also the onscreen qwerty keyboard is great for input, but you can plug a usb qwerty keyboard into a prime if that helps.

Ive got a space USB3 hard drive kicking about so might just copy all my library onto that.

As for using Engine as DJ software, that wasnt really what I was getting at. I was just wondering if I could somehow connect the laptop that stores all my music to the 2 players, could they see the file structure somehow and let me open the music files direct from the laptop without the need to export to pendrive or external hard drive etc.

The Prime units have two separate modes - standalone and “computer mode”. Switching from one to the other requires a reboot.

When in standalone mode, they cannot connect to a computer over USB.

When in computer mode, they cannot work as standalone players. The nearest is using them as controllers with supported DJ software (which right now is just Serato).

Guess the backup external drive is the only way then. I dont want to get involved in Serato just for the sake of this.

I don’t think the integration with Serato is very good anyway. It seems odd to me that you can’t even search from the players.

I agree with you especially during this lockdown and i’m playing at home.

I will like to just work with the tracks without exporting.

Started a feature request for it

The old Engine had this feature, Rekordbox Prep (not performance) also supports it.

A firmware update can sort that out.

looking at the VDJ integration…thats what i call a good job from the videos i’ve seen. Serato focuses on rock solid stability and super tight integration. They will always sacrifice bling for it.