Use external digital Effects from Ableton / Maschine / etc.

Morning Guys,

i am using a Windows 10 Laptop, to capture over USB the Masteroutput of channel 9/10 for recording and streaming. I’ve tried around the last week to route the incoming signal through Ableton or Maschine to get access to their effect plugins (don’t like the internal effects of the X1800 :wink: )

The problem i figured out: how to rout it back? I only see 5 stereo channels and i always use min. 3 channels for mixing. so i can’t route it back to channel 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8. And channel 9/10 is not selectable.

Is there a way to capture the Send/Return digital or is there a different way of Solution ???

The third option would be an external interface (NI Audio 6). But that’s the most unattractive solution…

Thx guys