USB with Rekordbox Library not importing hot cues/memory cues when plugging in drive

Hello All.

Very much hope I can get some help. Just bought the SC5000 and originally I was going to buy Rekord buddy, transfer my Rekordbox library to Traktor so it could be read by Engine prime.

I then found out while updating firmware that now I should simply be able to plug the USB I have with my music on and the player will load up all the memory cues etc… Except mine doesn’t seem to be doing that. It sees it the tunes but does not load up the cues. I’ve tried 3 times now with different stick. No joy.

Any help would be great. I’ll be happy to give more info if required.

Many thanks Drew.

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Hi Drew,

For the SC5000 to read you’re Rekordbox collection firstly make sure you are on the latest firmware (, Once done, put your Rekordbox USB into the drive port on the SC5000 it will ask you “collection found would you like to import?” Select YES It will then convert the Rekordbox database into and Engine Prime format on the same drive (leaving your Rekordbox database untouched). Takes about 30 seconds for 1000 tracks.

Worth noting here it will import Rekordbox HOT CUEs and MEMORY LOOPS.

Please let me know how you get on.

Regards J

Hey Jay,

Thanks for getting back with me.

This is exactly what i have done. Multiple times and i promise you it’s not importing my hotcues or memory cues.

I have the latest firmware - I made sure to update before doing anything.


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It does not import memory cues - no one is saying that. It imports hot cues and I can confirm this is working as I switch between the primes and CDJ setup depending on which club I’m at.

Hey JonnyXDA Thanks for getting back to me, even if the tone was a little abrupt. You’re obviously right, having watched a video I saw back again, the guy does say hot cues & memory loops and not memory cues so I hold my hands up for misunderstanding. Heard what i wanted to!

@Jay_DenonDJ Is there any plans at all for it to “see” mem cues in future? I use them because you can have more than amount of hotcues that you’re restricted to on the XDJ1000’s… and yet as i write this i guess i’m thinking that doesn’t matter because the 50000 will see 8 hot cues where the XDJ1000 mk1 would only give me 3?

I think i undumbed myself… i think…

Need to stop thinking like im using pioneers don’t i?

:slight_smile: Yes the Rekordbox system is different to Engine Prime (and of course other platforms) as they have Memory Cues and Loops, Hot Cues and Hope Cue Loops. The dev team are certainly aware of this and that’s the next challenge to find the best way for this to work!

I can assure you we’re not stopping at the current import process, and are working on the next stage of integration.

As each DJ will use Rekordbox differently, I’d be interested to get your opinion on what you like to get out of it.

nice one J

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(off-topic: Jay, I must say that its really great to see the activity that has been from your side, the last week. Keep it up - it shows us a interest in our problems and ideas for further development)

All good @Engell, have a great weekend!

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Same to you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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