USB Type B connection on SC 5000

Does somebody know how to use the USB type B connection from the sc5000 to a mini mac. Want to use the mac instead of USB drives. Installed iTunes library on prime. Connected the USB B cable to the mac but I don,t get any on the sc5000

As far as I know, you can’t play direct from Engine Prime on a Mac/PC to the SC5000s with USB (or network for that matter). It’s library management software at this time. You’d need to use it with DJ software (like Serato) or with USB-devices.

I could be wrong, but that is what I think the status is.

Thanks for the reply. I,am a bit confused, the manual says that you can connect the USB B to a PC. I, can’t find how to and what the function is. My conclusion is that you may be right. Is Sareto dj working. On the web it’s saying that it,s under construction ? The other option USB dives will be to limited in data.

At this exact moment, the USB B connect is only for connecting to a PC for firmware upgrades.

But I’m the not too distant future, there will be other uses.

As for the amount of data. If you use MP3-320s or even FLAC, the amount of music you can store on an external HD/SDD is immense. Especially since you can hook up up to three of them. Personally I think your core collection should fit on any medium (I try to keep mine under 1.000 tracks max., with all my mobile DJ request “junk” on a separate drive), but that is just me.


Ok that is good news. I thought it was limited to 32. Do you know if a portable ssd 256g will do the jog. Maybe two.