USB Sticks with Prime Series

Seen a few related topics but they all seem to go off-topic pretty quickly.

What USB sticks have people been using and found to work well? What format(s) is everyone using?

And possibly most importantly… What model of sticks have people had issues with / avoid.

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I used and tried different USB Sticks. Cheap ones and expensive ones with different capacities. I formatted them as XFAT and never had any Problems.

Corsair Flash Survivor is my go-to choice.Physically just about indestructible and when capped totally waterproof (stick in trouser pocket in laundry anyone?). And even though they are relatively large/long, they still fit in the front USB and don’t stick out (pun intended).

FAT32 all the way, exFAT always seems just a tad more peculiar imho.

I have not yet come accross USB stick issues, clear that some are very slow therefore I use A brand sticks like:

Kingston (DataTraveler) or Sandisk (ultra & extreme)

USB 3.0 format exFAT

Although not asked for I mainly use a Toshiba 500GB portable HD USB 3.0. 2 units as my db is > 2.4gb.

SanDisk 128 GB USB 3.0 (FAT32)

Works great for me.