USB sticks are not working on the SC5000


I recenctly bought SC5000 systems (1.2) and I am using correct formatted USB sticks. In total I have 6 sticks. My systems are only capable to read 1 of my USB sticks. All others are not even detected by the player. How is that possible & what is the solution ?

Fat 32 or ExFat?

What brand of USB? Kindly include the working ones brand as well.

SanDisk is the brand I use. I have a USB thumb drive and a SSD. They both work fine.

In his other post in a different topic it stated fat32. So it’s probably a brand/type problem.

I also always use SanDisk USB or a Samsung SSD.

Stay away from generic/unbranded flash drives.

Stay away from drives on eBay that seem cheap and come from China.

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