USB stick is not recognized on Prime4 / USB Stick wird nicht erkannt an Prime 4

Prime firmware: various tested, USB stick (now for testing): Intenso with 8GB Format: tested with FAT32, exFAT, NTFS

The error now occurred with various sticks, which were given to me by artists. The shows could only take place because I always have my notebook ready for security and then played the tracks with it and connected it to the Prime via a line connection.

I can’t always copy the artist’s stick onto a working stick each time in order to be able to use it in Prime4.

Does anyone have the same problem and is there a solution?

Thanks for suggestions or help Jens

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Hi @DJJens74 - Welcome to the community!

The Prime 4 supports exFAT and FAT32 only.

What is the error that occurred?

What version of Engine Prime are you using?

What is the firmware version on your Prime 4?

So again:

What is the error that occurred?
Error: If I insert the USB stick into the Prime (no matter which USB connection) it will not be recognized. No LED lights up and I cannot select this stick as the source.

Format: I have formatted the stick with all possible variants: exFAT, FAT32 and tentatively also with NTFS. The result was always the same - the stick was not accepted by the Prime. (In the case of a USB hard drive with NTFS, at least the hint came that Prime does not support NTFS. So the USB ports are probably OK)

What is the firmware version on your Prime 4?
Firmware: I tested several versions from 1.3.3 to 1.4.1

What version of Engine Prime are you using?
Prime Engine Version: I don’t know what the version of Prime Engine might have to do with the bug, but I installed 1.3.1 and Prime beta 1.4.0


Lo solucionaste ? estoy en las mismas.

I’d try a different brand of stick. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the one you’ve mentioned, but maybe it’s only out in some countries.

Try a nice genuine sandisk or Kingston and no sleep i features like auto backup button or encrypted or flashin lights or shapes like a potatoe head and so on.

Intenso are very bad USB sticks. Slow in read/write. Many times can cause a file loss. Not recommended for professional use. I had multiple intenso sticks, always ended up in trash.

@DJJens74 What are your results with a different usb stick?

I recommend SanDisk, Samsung, or Crucial with read speed of at least 90/MBs.

The problem persists - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. If it were about USB sticks for my personal use, the problem would not be that bad. But if a singer comes with the playback on a stick that is not read, or a dance group with self-cut music on a stick that does not work - what should I do? So again there is only the option to use these USB sticks with a laptop. Or hope that the artist has a CD with him that is still playing in the old CD player.

Laptops can be far more trouble than their worth and certainly not always professional. But, used as an offline converter/transferring tool, they’re like a penknife/pocket knife, just for getting things prepped for the real power tools.

Singers and PA groups can hand you important files, essential to their act, on any old tatty stick from some 24 hour petrol station. Slow Sticks are cheap, encryption sticks dump a matching driver on a pc, usb3 sticks don’t have a guaranteed way of working on usb2, some sticks just can’t work where continuous data traffic is needed.

I have three of four really decent sandisk flash sticks which. I transfer files from the customer sticks onto, using a craptop ($150 netbook) to transfer their content to sticks I know I can trust on any standalone player

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:point_up_2:This might be your best option.