USB playback issues

I recently purchased a Denon Prime 4 but have not yet purchased an internal drive so am using USBs. I have SanDisk 64GB USBs but noticed some tracks when playing back sound like they are jumping, producing strange beat patterns. The tracks I’m playing have been downloaded from Traxsource and they play fine from my USB to computer but not through Denon Prime 4 - just wondered if there is a reason for this? How i can rectify?

Thank you

Hello, As this is a wired issue, as you describe it, you have to start from somewhere and exclude possible reasons, let us know please some more details, like what format are the songs that are not playing correct, what is the rate? Try to copy one of these songs to another stick and give a try. Let us know…

Thank you for responding. The files are MP3s - I haven’t tried copying to other sticks but will try that. I played out tonight on Pioneers and the USB sticks causing the issue on the Denon Prime 4 were fine. For some reason Denon Prime 4 just doesn’t like them.

Hello, Yes please do it, copy only 1 or 2 of the files you noticed the issue. If it happens again then something is wrong with the file and how p4 read them. If with another USB is not doing this then it’s the USB stick??? OK… give a try and let us know. :+1:

Did you try format it in exFat ?