Usb hard drive dns 1200

Hi there,

I own 2 DNS 1200’s and use them with small usb-sticks. Now i sick and tired of copying my music to the sticks and want to use my external hard disc on it. The player isn’t reading it in the first place. On this hard disc there is also al lot of word-documents, photos and of course mp3 files. Should there only be mp3’s on the disc or isn’t this a problem?

What about the format of the external hard drive: the structure is MAC OS expanded.

It would be very helpful if i knew what the problem was and would save me a lot of frustrations

Thanks in advance

It would need to be in FAT32 format. One drive for each player.

Yes, format to FAT32 and only have music files on the drive. This will reduce the possibility of read errors.

Remember to create a database in Music Manager or direct on the deck.

This creates a Denon DJ folder in the root of the drive.

The deck will prompt to create a database when the drive is plugged in. I create the database on the deck works great, no need for a PC.

Never had any issues.

Good luck

Hi thanks, now i want to use 1 hard disc to use on both my player. Is this possible? How to do this?

You’ll need one hard drive attached to each player. Two of the DN-S1200/s can share memo and cue points etc from each other’s USB media but can’t share the music itself j

Aaah thats quite sad to know; thought that it was possible via dlink mode :frowning: