USB Folder Structure Doesn't show Crate or Playlist


I’m new to Engine and I’m going to do a set for the owner of a large company and the head of a great club crew. I was hoping to show off by closing Serato and keeping the set going with USB playlists. I followed the tutorial and dragged crates and/or playlists into Engine Prime. It didn’t work. I created a crate, selected all songs out of the Serato crate, then dragged them into the newly created crate. That worked. It slowly copied all files to the USB drive. I ejected the drive when it was finished and inserted it into the MCX8000. I saw the drive, Engine Library, Music, then a folder for every artist. 2 Pac, 50 Cent, A Flock of Seagulls, A Tribe Called Quest, etc. There are no folders for my crates. Every artist folder has a subfolder called Unknown Album, Then one song inside that album. This will take so much time to browse!! I can’t possibly do a set with this level of browsing!! What is happening? Am I doing something wrong? Please help!

Thank you, Andy


If you don’t have beta firmware installed on your mcx8000 you must use Engine 1.5.2 to prepare your USB drive, not Engine Prime.


Thank you for your response. I don’t see Engine software anywhere on the Denon website, just Prime. Could you please send me the download link?

Thank you, Andy


It’s under the mcx8000 download section



Hi, I got the same problem…Denon MCX8000 won’t show the playlist of my usb stick. Engine 1.5.2 would work properly either on my MAC, everytime I start it “DB Process” starts and freezes at 47% and doesn’t do anything anymore…overall very disappointing experience. When can we expect an update of Engine Prime?



hello andycars08 . did you find something ?i’ve got exaclty the same problems .could you help me ? thanks yorick from france


Yorick, update your mcx8000 to latest firmware and use Engine Prime for putting songs on your usb stick. Before that, in Engine Prime settings enable mcx8000 compatibility and use special export button in the software.