USB Drives Shows Up But Not Music Files

Brand new to the Denon MCX8000 but love the idea of using it in Engine mode but the reality is I can’t get it to work.

I have a high capacity flash drive formatted to Fat 32. ALL of my 35,000 music tracks are on this drive in approximately 2100 folders. I have dragged 25 of those folders into Engine, had them analyzed, then created an Engine Target Database on the flash drive… But still can’t get any music files pulled up when I plug the flash drive into my MCX8000 and use the knob to scroll and select. What am I doing wrong??

This should be so simple. Well at least in the videos it is.

Have you tried the Engine Prime software with the same drive?

Also are the music files MCX compatible eg: 44.1khz sample rate? correct file types etc

Is the drive USB 2.0 ? Does it offer power input/power supply options? it could be that USB 2 from the MCX8000 is not enough to spin-up hungrier drives.

I re-formatted the drive with different formatting software, FAT32 both times, but this time it seems to work. However with Engine Prime, while the tracks show up, no sorting capabilities, only when organized with the original Engine software. Not sure what’s up with that.

And when I use the original Engine software and follow their instructions on importing playlists from iTunes, Engine shuts down every single time. UG!!!