USB don't get any Connection

Dear All, :smiley: :

this Forum also helped me with the decision to buy an SD Card over 128gb and so on.

But besides that: from time to time I have the problem if I put one of my Sandisk Extreme Pro USB 3.0 in the USB slots that they aren’t get any electricity or something like that. They aren’t shown up but if i put them before in my Laptop where they start immediately they will be also shown up in the Denon SC5000M after i put them in again.

What can be the reason for it? Don’t enough electricity? Or should i sent them back?

The SD Card is shown immediately if I put it in.

I hope you can help me with that problem. :slight_smile:

Greez CategorieN from Germany

What format is you SAN disk usb

Some usb sticks have all sorts of encryption, or back-up programs or windows/Mac only instructions on them. I had to bank them out deeply with a “nuke your hard drive” type program before they’d work on non-computer gear.

Also remember only the back usb holes on the prime are usb3.0 - the front usb hole is only for usb2 Sticks

ExFat :slight_smile:

Try to formatted your fat 32 on master reboot. Sometimes when the usb stick not formatted right the unit won’t recognize or play right

But that isn’t the best for me IMO - because than fat32 will only allow having 32gb on the sticks.

And I mean wasn’t denon the company which said it allows to power up or run device to some Terrabytes?

Fat32 filesystem allows for a maximum volume size of up to 2TB. Theoretically, if you want to plug an USB 3.0 storage device into an USB 2.0 port you shouldn’t have any problem because the device should work at the speed supported by the USB port. You could try connecting another USB 3.0 device to the same USB 2.0 port and see if it is recognized. If it is, then you’ll know that your unrecognised device have a problem (maybe an electrical one) when you try to connect it to the player’s USB 2.0 port.

Ah i will check that out. Thanks. Now im not sure anymore if my sticks are Fat32 or Exfat. I will come back later too :smiley:

This sort of backward compating Is usually done by a subroutine written in the usb devices. Like, what to do if I’m plugged into a slow USB hole. Many of these subroutines are rubbish for large data