USB audio routing fader select problem

Hi, I have been able to connect my iPad to the x1800 Mixer using the usb audio slot but sound only comes out of fader 4 on mixer (selecting the usb or dvb knob and setting it to usb2) even if I select usb on another fader and set it to usb2 same setup as fader 4, I have no input or sound. Should it work on any fader? Or is my mixer broken? Has anyone else managed to get audio via usb into the mixer on any channel they choose?

I’m running 2x sc5000 along side the iPad input.

Many thanks for any suggestions.

There should be or appear an “audio setup” in the settings of the app if you hookup the X1800.

If I connect my iPad and start Djay2, for instance, I can select which channel on the X1800 it should use.

I presume you use an Apple lightning to USB adapter?

Hi reese, Yes I do use the Apple lightning to USB adapter. Do you mean you select the channel on the mixer or in djay2 app. Thaks.

Yes from within the app. I try to make a vid for you.

The X1800 is Apple class compliant, so all channels are made available by the mixer to the iPad or iPhone.

Not all apps support the multi channel, I guess.

Ok thanks for all your help. That’s great.

As soon as I plug-in the lightning adapter, Djay2 sees a new audio interface. Never mind the midi message. And sorry for the camera shaking…

You’ll then see me first choosing audio ch5+6, which is fader channel 3. And play a sound.

After that I changed it all to audio ch3+4, which is fader channel 2. Just to show it’s freely assignable from within the app. Btw, Djay2 lets you select a separate cue output also, but I did not show that option in my vid.

It doesn’t matter if I use USB1 or 2, but you tried USB2, so to show that there’s no difference, I did too.

Many thanks reese, that’s brilliant! All sorted. Thanks for the video it really helped and all your time, much appreciated.