Usb audio - no master/cue assign

I suspect I am doing something wrong, but I don’t know what. I want to record a mix from x1800 in Traktor, using the USB as output. I went to Utility -> Advanced audio -> USB Audio, and there I wanted to check channel assignments. According to the manual, I should see these options:

o CH1–4/Master/Cue Assign o Output Level o Ch Input Level

However, I see Channel 1-4 Assign (assigned 1/2,3/4,3/6,7/8, respectively) and then output level and input level. I do not see Master Assign or Cue Assign. I don’t have this option at all. When I try to assign channels, I see that I have 5 pairs to chose from (so, the 9/10 pair is an option I can pick). I would like to assign this pair (9/10) to master - but I can’t, because I don’t have a “Master Assign” option.

Is it only present in particular circumstances? Seems unlikely. I actually only care about Master for now, so its absence is an issue…

What should I do?

Grateful for any hints.

Master is indeed ch9-10, so recording that will have the audio sum of all channels.

You don’t need to assign anything.

Hi Reese, thank you for your assistance again :slight_smile: so you are telling me there are no options missing? if so - then how do I assign Cue, if I wanted to?

What confuses me is the manual. It says: “CH1–4/Master/Cue Assign” this strongly implies that I should have a possibility to assign whichever channel pair I want to all 6 of these options (4 channels, one master, one cue ). But I can only assign to channels 1-4, and have no possibility at all to assign a selected channel to master or cue. Are you saying that channels 9/10 are always for Master, and I cannot assign anything else to Master? And what about the Cue?


You want to record, right?!

The X1800 has two 10in-10out channels audio cards. The assignment in Utility is for when you are playing from a computer.

So when you want to play from Traktor and select audio ch3-4 it normally goes to fader ch2, but that’s assignable in Utility.

Hi Reese, I understand what you are saying, and I know these assignments can be useful for sending sound in. BUT: what if I want the master from Traktor to go to one channel? How do I do it? Say, I have a friend who is mixing through a controller on Traktor, and I want his mix to go to channel 2? Whole of it, not one of his channels. I should then have a “master assign” option, as mentioned in the Manual, right? But I don’t. The manual says I have a master assign option - where is it? [sending both of traktor channels to 1/2 would not solve the problem, as this wouldn’t sent the fader information, for example]

Moreover, my understanding is that using this assignment is also important when recording out. If I post a link here my post will not be published and will endlessly wait for the moderator to approve it, but if you search on this forum for a topic called “Connecting to PC (for recording only)”, you will see a post by a user called addie, explaining how assignments can work both ways. So, for recording, I might want to record each channel separately, and in addition the master. This would enable me to edit post-recording each channel separately as well as the master. In that post, addie specifically says you can assign particular channels to the master channel.

This, together with the manual (that lists ‘master assign’ option), lead me to believe I should see 6 different ‘assign’ options. How many options do you see in your x1800? This is a serious question - I have never seen any other x1800 apart from mine, and in my opinion the manual says I should have some options that i don’t have. So I would want to know - how many ‘assign’ options do other x1800s have.

In a way, my question is: should I see “master assign” and “cue assign” options in Utility -> Advanced audio -> USB Audio?

His master in Traktor has nothing to do with mixer assignment. His Traktor output setting should simply be “Denon X1800 ch3+4”. His sound will come in your X1800 on fader2. Or perhaps I’m missing your point here?

As it is now, hardware channel faders 1-4 and master are respectively usb audio devices ch1-8 and 9-10. In and out. You can record or play them all in a multitrack DAW. The only time you would want the hardware master to usb ch1+2, is when your recording software lacks modern routing/input-select.

I will check assignment on my X1800, but Master or Cue assign will probably not be there. Perhaps it was an old 1.0 firmware option.

I’m gonna give my 2 cents here, bear with me through the long post.

X1800 has 10in/10out audio interface. First 8 outgoing channels are assignable and 9/10 is probably permanently set to master output. My best guess. Why?

Because, if you want to record all 4 “faders/decks” AND master at the same time then you use a DAW that can record all 10ch through ASIO/Core Audio drivers at the same time.

If you want to record just the master then you have more options. Traktor users can set recording channel to the default master 9/10ch because DJ applications can also use ASIO.

For users that don’t use DJ software or DAW but still want some way of digitally recording that’s where this Utility Assign option comes in. Change in mixer utility 1/2ch to master and suddenly you can record master in simple free software like Audacity (that can access only the 1/2 channel coming from audio interface).

Also, it’s of use you want to turn your expensive X1800 into a jog-less controller for certain softwares so you assign master and cue to 1/2 and 3/4 channels.

Hi Reese I am really curious what your assignment options are! I will play in a few days with Traktor + x1800 and then I will know if I understand what you are saying.

Only fader ch1-4 can be assigned usb ch1-10 in my X1800

ok, thanks!

this is really confusing. I understand why it is like that (thx to your explanation!), but the manual led me believe it’s otherwise. Maybe you are correct that the earlier firmware was different.


Yeah some manual parts are not updated, I guess.

I don’t know how your Traktor friend will be playing audio, but if he will be using your X1800 I would give him fader 3 and 4 on USB2. Traktor deck1 playing on usb ch5-6 and deck2 on usb ch7-8. That way he has cueing, EQ and mixing options.

And if you’re playing on 2 SC’s just use fader 1 and 2 single layered perhaps. If needed, switch input of fader 3 and 4 if he’s done playing so that you have all 4 layers again.