Hola Denon TEAM!,**

Hace 1 mes instale macOS Catalina y tengo 2 Denon MCX8000, mi Problema con la Denon y el Mac, es: cuando cargo una canción en Serato, la Pantalla en la Denon se distorsiona, la canción en Serato ya se cargo, pero en la Denon la pantalla se queda Distorsionada y no puedo ver las hondas de Audio, y cuando mezclo mas de 1 hora la pantalla se queda bloqueada y el Deck también se bloquea.

Ayuda porfavor!!!

Hi Denon TEAM!

1 month ago I installed macOS Catalina and I have 2 Denon MCX8000, my problem with Denon and Mac, is: when I load a song in Serato, the Screen in Denon is distorted, the song in Serato is already taken, but in Denon the screen is distorted and I can not see the audio slings, and when I mix more than 1 hour the screen is locked and the Deck is also locked.

Please help!!!

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According to the Serato support page: https://support.serato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001112015

It says MCX8000 is supporting Catalina as are the latest versions of Serato Pro 2.3.0 and Serato Lite 1.3.0.

That said, according to this Denon DJ page: https://www.denondj.com/kb/macos-10-15-catalina-support-for-denon-dj/ the MCX8000 is not yet OFFICIALLY certified.

So, apart from the question why on earth you upgraded to a new OS right when it came out ( that is ALWAYS a really BAD idea - especially on a production laptop), it really looks like support isn’t 100% there yet for this combination. (I can’t tell how recent that Denon DJ article is btw).

If you have a TimeMachine backup, I’d consider rolling back to a copy of your machine from before your upgrade to Catalina and stay away from it til both Serato and Denon tell you their stuff has been tested thoroughly and approved for use with it.

If you don’t have TimeMachine, perhaps reinstalling your laptop with the latest Mojave version and reinstalling the necessary Denon and Serato stuff on it. Make sure you have a good backup of your entire Serato folder and music and all!

My 3 cents as usual.

the MCX 8000 doesn’t work Catalina. I had the exact same problem. I know Serato says it’s supported but they are wrong. Downgrade to High Seira and it wil work again

tengo el mismo problema

Would love to know when and if there will be a solution form Denon to this issue verses downgrading a computer.

Yo e vuelto a instalar la versión antigua de Catalina, es la única solución de momento

Dime por favor que versión de Catalina