Upvote using our own WiFi streaming

There has been much talk about streaming being the new thing or the new medium.

However, it seems to be away from streaming our own already carefully curated years old libraries.

Tidal and others are great backups but I’m really hoping to use my own backup library in the cloud or from my own network via streaming.

This would be my first choice and would also remedy the issue of not being able to record any thing we play from streaming.

We already invest in hardware, knowledge of years of training, huge libraries of music and now streaming.

It should be a priority to be able to use the “Wi-Fi” capabilities of our hardware to stream our own libraries rather than adding hundreds of dollars per year to use this built in feature.

Please Up Vote the request to stream our own libraries found here:


Streaming from your own cloud-based music library is the future. Not needing to worry about flash drives failing or keeping them in synch with your backups sounds amazing!

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While there are hard drives and backup hard drives available and more important features needed to be realised on prime, I’ll hold off adding voting to this.

I use tidal already but only as a 10% part of my events, if that much. The 90% is from local storage. No worries about the venue WiFi or geographic mobile signal Black holes.

I’ve noticed at several venues that WiFi connection to any service even like tidal gets bad when lots of other people are using it. I couldn’t use tidal reliably at all at a sports bar a few months ago when a big sporting event was on an everyone was using their phones to stream the sports action to their hands. If my collection of music had been lazily at home on in the cloud, I’d have been having a silent disco, and no, not the type with the Bluetooth headphones :rofl:

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So we can expect the days of music stopping from DJ yanking the wrong USB out of the CDJ’s to be replaced by music stopping because somebody from the bar/club staff unplugged the wifi router to charge their phone? Amazing!

PS: if I see a shitty DJ using 100% streamed tracks in their set you can bet your behind next time I’m bringing a pocket wifi jammer to that venue…


My thoughts also. I take two local drives with me and I know that I can probably access tidal for a small percentage of request type tracks. It’s not about still living in caves or not embracing the future,it’s about offering a professional solution, for any gig that a dj is charging a fee for

I always turn off my WIFI when performing at events and play tracks from exclusively from local storage. Would never rely on some random venue’s internet connection for access to my music library at a gig. I’m talking about being able to synchronize my local copies of files with a cloud-based backup. Maybe that’s a different feature than what is being proposed here, but hard to argue that it wouldn’t be convenient.

By the way, @SlayForMoney, no need to get that creative if you want to ruin another DJ’s set. Spilling a drink on the controller should to do the trick just as well. Of course, if you had your tracks backed up online, an accident like that wouldn’t be nearly as catastrophic as it could be!

Although I will definitely carry backup for the time being, I certainly disagree with some of the above.

In the coming years, the internet will become as much a fact as power supply or water supply. Now you rely on your electricity supply for your set. I assume that you do not take a power generator every booking in case the power goes out.

In the case of the internet, you can easily bring this backup facility yourself by bringing a router with a SIM card. This allows you to use the wired internet connection of the location or event, as well as your own mobile connection. And then you also have your own phone as a hotspot as backup backup (could be a 3rd provider).

Then you can access your collection from multiple online sources (own files via different cloud partners, such as Google, Amazon, Dropbox … and on top streaming catalogs such as Tidal, Beatport etc …).

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