Upgrade to EP 1.1 failed

Here is my experience of upgrading.

I did a upgrade of EP 1.0 to 1.1 but the database was corrupt after the upgrade. Wrong content was shown in the creates. If a create was renamed it was then showing nothing or other songs.

I did revert to my backup and it was working perfectly. Then I was doing the upgrade again. Same result.

I removed the E.P and all databases and did a clean install of E.P 1.1 Then I had to recreate all creates again but all loops and cue points are of course lost. After this I hope next version of E.P works better as I have put down a huge work to get it working.

My findings in E.P 1.1 are:

  • Not possible (for me) to upgrade, all creates, loops, cues etc lost.
  • Very high CPU even if no tasks are shown (goes down after a hour) when adding new songs.
  • If order of Title, Artist, BPM etc is changed, E.P forgets it to next time you start E.P

Now some pictures: High CPU with no tasks

After upgrade, totally wrong songs shown in creates

Create renamed and no songs shown

Technical This is tested on my MACBook Pro and latest OS. All songs (>40k songs) are on external (exFAT) disk.

Hi Eric, this one point has been noted by a couple of other users, and has been noted to the development team to look into for the future. I appreciate that whilst it only takes a few seconds to re-arrange the columns to individual taste, it’s something which used to stay put on 1.0.

With regards to the loops, cues and crates issues, has any non-Denon DJ software been used to manipulate your music library? If so, it’s worth contacting the supplier/distributor of that software for a data repair remedy.

The only other program used is Serato DJ. No other program used to manipulate the database.