Upgrade sc 5000 and 6000

Please make a dual waveform on each deck its will be a massive improvement on sc 5000 and sc 6000. I dont mean a dual waveform on 2 layer’s that u already did. I mean dual waveform on deck a and deck b! Please do it on your next update :slight_smile: Looking forward

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Exactly!!! This option will help immensely!!

Hello @roni,

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This feature request is already made. Give it a like (heart) to vote for it to show to the devs that it’s needed. There is no sense to double the same topic.


For a work around just instant double your playing track to the other players 2nd layer… Boom. A visual of the master deck playing in dual wave form.

Note. If you use loops out of a mix this won’t clone over with the master deck. You need to reload it as an instant double whilst looping.