“Updating” when loading a track

Been playing with my decks for a few hours at home now and have a2tb drive connected and all the tracks on it are run through Engine Prime first

When I’m searching for tracks to load, the word “updating” shows up on the right hand half of the main touch screen. What’s “updating” ? And it’s flashing there for about 10 seconds before it goes away.

What’s that all about?

Hey there,

Searching through a database (or loading a crate or playlist) takes a finite amount of time. When it’s building the song list of search results, it will show that the list is updating. When it’s done, this goes away.


Is this related to not having a database created with the version of Engine Prime that the players have, or independent of that and will occur regardless?

It’s much more simple than that. Any operation that has to recall data, process that data and then send it on takes a finite amount of time. “Updating” is shown during this time.

This happens regardless of what type of database is used.

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