Updating Traktor Library


I imported all my songs including HotCues from Traktor to Engine Prime. If I add new songs to my Library now, I analyze them first in Traktor and add Cues, Loops, etc. Then I want to import the new songs into Engine Prime so I close Traktor, start Engine Prime and I click on “Update Traktor Library”. This works fine and all the changes made in Traktor are visible in Engine Prime. But unfortunately I have to analyze the old songs all over again because the track information (BPM, waveform, beatgrid) is lost. This problem occurs every time I click on “Update Traktor Library”. It is pretty annoying because I have some songs that are analyzed with a wrong BPM and beatgrid, so I have to correct them every time again manually. Is anyone familiar with this problem or has a solution?

I am using Engine Prime 1.3.3 on MacOS 10.14.

Thank you and kind regards.

Try searching the forum for this . I’m sure it’s come up before

After you updated Traktor library, did you add all the tracks to engine prime collection ?

In the EP Traktor tab tracks window, select all, add to collection

Also in your Traktor settings did you enable the write to file option?

As I started with Engine Prime I added all songs to the Engine Prime Library.

Now I select only the new songs in the EP Traktor Tab and add them to the Engine Prime collection.

Yes, in Traktor in the “File Management” settings the option “write all tags to files” is enabled.

However I tested the option “do not write any tags to files” as well. In both cases I have to analyze my old songs again when clicking “Update Traktor Library”.

Can you try with a new database?

Rename the Engine Library folder on your Macs Music folder (AND root of your external if you don’t store music on your mac)

  • Now update Traktor library as usual >

  • add some or all tracks to Engine Prime collection >

  • then analyse the library in the Collection Tab (not the Traktor tab)

I renamed the Engine Library Folder and started with an empty Collection in Engine. I started Engine Prim, clicked on “Update Traktor Library”, imported some tracks and analyzed them in Engine in the Collection Tab. If I click on “Update Traktor Library” again (nothing else) the tracks imported earlier have to be analyzed again…

That doesn’t sound right. Hopefully one of the denon guys can help.

I have seen EP not recognizing changes to tracks already part of collection but not purging info that’s already there.

Usually when a track is part of EP collection it’s hard to even write to the track again.

If you check the forums you will notice it’s a common issue, eg adding extra cues to track already in EP in Serato, the extra cues won’t show in EP.