Updating the internal drive from the flash drives?


With the Prime 4 being promoted as a standalone system, why does the unit have to be connected to a computer to update the internal HDD?

Surely it would be much more convenient if the HDD could be updated from a flash drive in any of the four USB sockets, or from the SD card slot?


Let’s say you have a stand-alone swimming pool in your garden.

Would you fill this up directly with the garden hose or would you rather fill up buckets of water with the garden hose and use those buckets to fill the swimming pool?

Now for some tracks to be added, it could work fine, but directly will be faster.


Oh come on - flash drives are not “buckets” these days. They can hold thousands of tracks. If you consider flash drives to be buckets then why bother putting USB slots on there in the first place?

Once you’ve got your existing library on the drive (by using the computer) then all you’ll be doing from then on is topping it up with a few tracks a week. Buckets are fine for that.


Of course I’m exaggerating a bit.

The onboard drive can already officially be 1TB and a 4TB SSD is available on the market.

For simple updates it will be fine.


I’m with PKtheDJ on this one

For just adding a handful of tracks and a few playlists, putting them on a stick, and copying them from the stick to the internal drive, when you’re set up at the gig, rather than having to hook up the device at home, is much easier, to me at least.


As engine prime is supposed to be the “tap” that holds all the water/tunes - it makes perfectly good of sense to connect the prime 4 to a laptop or home pc to load more tunes onto the prime 4

Seems for some people denon can’t do anything right. Denon added a hard drive bay in the prime 4 - great says everyone. Oh, wait , having a hard drive inside makes me do something I don’t want

I suppose the answer is for those who won’t bring their prime 4 to their home pc is not to bother using the hard drive bay - just plug a hard drive into prime 4 USB ports


Im still failing to see why someone would choose to transport files via thumb drive as opposed to just setting the laptop down next to the unit and plugging in via USB.


OK…so can i import\copy my music collection from usb to internal ssd?from what i’ve understand if i insert my Rekordbox pen into the Prime 4 i can copy\convert music cues ecc directly on the ssd… right?


I think the point is to leave the laptop at home I do understand doing this at the house instead of using a thumb drive but not at a gig


Did you miss the part of the product description where it says “standalone”? Denon are making a big thing of this. You don’t need a laptop - it’s a “DJ System”.

So then it makes sense to dump the laptop for doing simple track updates. I’d guess most of us (whatever type of DJ) add fewer than 100 new tracks per week, so it’s not going to take hours.


i have all my DJ gear , including the decks and mixer (XDJ1000 DJM900NXS combo) stored at a storage facility, i have no space for it at home.

i prepare my music on 1TB external SSD at home and plug it in at the gig

with the P4 being able to import from a stick would save me the trouble of bringing it home and hooking it up to my computer


Maybe this topic should be merged with the other topic about people misunderstanding what standalone means