Updating Serato crates in EP

For example, say I converted a Serato crate to Engine Prime, and then I manually adjusted beat grids in Engine Prime. How do I reimport an updated version of the crate from Serato with additional songs? The only way that I’ve been able to do it is by deleting the crate from Engine Prime and reimporting the Serato crate. If I do that, will it reset all the beat grids to before I had manually adjusted them?

Is there a better workflow approach that I should be following to transfer my Serato crates to Engine Prime? Currently I have number of “themed” crates in Serato that I continuously add music to, and I’m just copying those over to Engine Prime and fixing any issues with the beat grids. I just want to make sure that those changes don’t get overwritten every time I want to add new songs to my crates!

Thanks in advance!


FOR NEW TRACKS ADDED TO YOUR SERATO LIBRARY/CRATES: While viewing the Serato crates in EP, sort the tracks by ‘DATE ADDED’ in descending order, then select the tracks that you want to add and drag them into your Prime crates.

FOR EXISTING TRACKS IN YOUR SERATO LIBRARY ADDED TO A SERATO CRATE: My suggestion is to create a temporary Serato crate for ‘New Adds’. Drag the content of that crate to your Prime crates, then later delete the temporary ‘New Adds’ crate in Serato.

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What’s up Naughty,

The second part of my suggestion is addressing the existing library tracks issue. Another thought is to a test and see if EP truly overwrites existing beatgrid info. I just did a test with a track that was previous imported to EP. I edited the beatgrid in EP and then dragged the same track again from Serato to my EP crate and it appears that EP recognized it as an existing track and didn’t overwrite the beatgrid changes. Give it a try and see if your results are the same.

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Sorry, I just reread your comment earlier and misunderstood the second part. I’ll test out the beat grid thing, thank you for all your help! :smile:

That’s the only way to maintain the crates across two platforms.

When you delete the crate from engine prime, the engine prime created data is still available for the tracks eg say you set some cue points.

I requested for incremental updates here

So give it a vote if you haven’t done so already