Updating playlists

I use a Prime 4 with SSD, if i move tracks around in my playlists on my Prime4 will they automatically change position in the Playlist in Engine on my laptop next time i connect OR is it better to move them in Engine and then ??? bit confused about which takes precedent, if for example you make changes in engine and make changes on the prime 4. Let’s say on my Prime 4 I move Track a to position 1 in my playlist. but in Engine prime i move it to position 3. Next time i synch my Prime 4 to Engine what will move and to where ?

if you notice in EP, at the top of the Devices area where your external drive shows, there is a circular arrow button for Resync Track Info. after you’ve made changes to cues, playlists etc on P4 and you replug into EP, that button is supposed to be available and is supposed to sync the changes you made back into the library.

yes i get that Hot Cues, Loops etc will be updated from Prime 4 SSD back to Engine, BUT, what about playlist order, and if you add a track to a playlist ?

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