Updating library from iTunes Pt. 2


Okay - so I didn´t get any response from Denon at all on my post that now is 31 days old.

So I´ll just try again… :slight_smile: (For Denon-personel - there´s 3 questions below)

Why is it that EVERYTIME I update my iTunes Library it also HAS to import the Artwork? Shouldnt it be enough to import that part once and then only update with new ones?

It takes like forever for Engine Prime to finish that part - And I cant wait a whole day for the artwork import.

There should be a option in the preferences to remove this action.

And finally - Will the new version of Engine Prime be any faster? - I added like 300 tracks to my library / HDD today in different folders - so far it has taken more than 4 hours.

Thanks for your time.




Agreed 100%! This is the most insanely slow import process I have ever seen. Two options should be permitted (1) should allow us to not import artwork at all, which would be useful for times when you need to quickly import a new iTunes database; and (2) should allow us to skip importing artwork for songs already in the Engine Prime library. That way, you can do a slow update at any point if you uncheck either of the above. I dread ever updating my iTunes library in Engine Prime because of this. Please address these issues!

Thank you.


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Did you contact the support ?



As I see no option/ checkboxes to check/ un-check the Artwork update, I see no reason to contact support regarding that issue. Cause its not a hardware vs software issue. They simply need to add a option in the setting to cancel this process from the start. Pasque’s 2 points are spot on!



Will this be better in the upcoming update? ( @paul_denondj )



I have the same issue too with refreshing my Serato library in Engine Prime after adding a few new tracks to Serato.

Engine basically imports the entire Serato library again. It’s an overnight job in my case as my Serato library has 62k tracks. I just added 6 new tracks.

There should be a way for Engine to just do a mini update of newer files only.

A work around that can also be implemented is to allow dragging and dropping I.e open Serato highlight all the new files, drag the multiple files to Engine Prime collection. Currently when I try dragging multiple files from Serato to Engine Prime only one track copies.

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Sorry to dig this one up again but holy smokes is this process killing me!! Please say this is being addressed in an update. There’s needs to be an easy way for Engine to just update new files. And I mean that when exporting as well. The whole process takes far too long.



My iTunes refresh fails every time. It shows 144 songs of 87,000.



Any iTunes importing improvements?



Seems like its going faster after the last update - but would still be a huge improvement if they would allow you to choose Yes/No to import image in the settings. This is the biggest time-killer.



Thank you for your comments all, I understand the questions raised and the frustration it is causing.

I can confirm that there will be speed improvements coming for Serato, iTunes and Traktor loading time that I hope will ease the process for you all.

Thanks again for the feedback and please keep it coming.


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