Updating Engine with Serato Data

Hi all,

I use Serato and Engine.

I want to keep my Serato library as my primary library, meaning that it will get updated 1st.

Has Denon added a way for us to simply update the music in the library?

IE: I have my A List Crate in Serato with 100 songs. I add 4 songs to the Serato crate. It seems right now that I have to delete the crate in Engine and transfer it again. Is that right?

No native recursive updates in EP

I’m like you as well.

Workaround - Make a Parent crate in Serato and have your regular crates nested in that.

Thus if you update several crates in Serato, you can refresh and delete the equivalent main crate in Ep and re-add

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Thank you sir!

Don’t forget to vote for a better way to do this instead of this workaround


Click on that link and :heart: The very first post. It’s got 75 already

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