Updating Crates in Engine Prime


  1. Refresh Serato Library

  2. Try to import a previously added crate to EP. The import as crate option is greyed out.

Long story

Say i added a few new tracks to my Serato Hip Hop 2019 crate this week. This crate was created first week of January and previously added to EP as crate. So in both tabs EP (collection and serato) you can see this crate. Some reason i cant seem to re-add the crate to reflect new tracks.

If you upgraded serato probably that is your problem since ami the same happened to me when updating to serato 2.1, answer this topic here Solucion

No i havent updated Serato.

Im on 2.0.5.

This is not a new issue. Its been like that since.

Just wanted to find out if thats the case for everyone else.

I have not really had good experiences with serato 2.x and one of them was that I currently use the 1.9.10 and 2.0.2 that have not given me that problem I recommend if you have the opportunity try it on another pc with that version on the same since the 2 versions can coexist only that the databases must be deleted and be done from 0, I would not know if it is a problem of serto 2.1 or of a specific version 2.0.x onwards and I only notice it when I migrate directly from 2.0.2 to 2.1 I usually try a lot of things before migrating from one version to another but unfortunately the relationship with engine prime does not check it and I get to know the bad, greetings and I hope your solution is not as extreme as the one I had to take me

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