Updating BPM manualy in Engine Prime

I’ve updated the bpm manually (see other post for my anger on this issue) but the bpm isn’t updating in the main window of Engine Prime.

I then reload the track and my ‘new’ bpm is showing but the ‘old’ (and wrong) bpm is still listed in the list.

How can I ensure it’s updated at the same time? There are no instructions on how to correct this.

We should see an update really soon. I think they worked out the bpm issues as well other stuff

Yeah I’m thinking an EP update will be soon as a new FW has just dropped. I wouldn’t put it past Denon if it dropped on Xmas eve night Xmas morning.

Currently you have to be very careful when manually editing the bpm/grid in EP. The BPM will always stay constant… Even when you edit the grid!! With most other software, the bpm updates as you adjust the grid. This DOESN’T happen in EP. What actually happens is that EP tries to warp your grid to the bpm number shown for that track. If you’re not careful, you’re track will suddenly (and sometimes drastically) speed up/slow down, wherever you changed the grid & set new beat markers. If you want to manually edit the bpm, you need to type the correct Bpm into the window next to the waveform, then shift (not expand/contract) the waveform to line up with your downbeats. This is my biggest gripe with the EP software!!

waiting… waiting… still waiting

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Lol be patient my brother! They are in works as we speak. One of the denon rep did say that the engineer are working on it everyday. We might see a new engine prime but not anytime soon. However they are working on the issues that having now. It’s just a matter of time they will release it. Remember now they have a new line up of players now. So u know they are on it. We will get there you see :wink:

We’ve only just had new firmware and new software