Updates today....Fingers crossed its

BPM fix and recording level fix! I feel like these are pretty important, I get everyone has their own wants and needs…but these are the two things other programs do with no issue … Please Denon, pull it out of the bag today :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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I think today will be the prime 2 (or prime 2 go) or some sort of hardware push for namm.

New firmware, however much we might like new free features, probably is dull to say about on blogs and vlogs

But I’m with you, we’ve waited far too long for bpm improvement, downbeat detect improvement, beat grid improvement.

You’ve mentioned that everyone’s got their own list of what they want and I agree and understand. For me, I’ll never use recording to usb as I’ve got a hardware recorder, but I hope for more of engine primes features to be made possible on the decks themselves like adding text labels to hot cues and loops, editing the star rating and similar on-the-deck editing

I’m pretty sure one of the Denon guys in the forum stated we will be getting updates today, I may have just assumed that as its top of my lists of wants atm!

It would make sense to bump the performance of the firmware on the same day they do other announcements but this is Denon…they have let me down so far :man_shrugging: I’ve been holding out for these announcements to finally make the decision, if I’m going to sell up and think my options again, or stick with it and still have unfixed issues 3 years later :crossed_fingers:

I don’t think they’ve let anyone down in how many things that they’ve added to firmware and improvements they’ve added. So many people made so many requests for other people to read and vote/like that some people might be getting disappointed that the 50 features added so far over all the updates haven’t included the one or two features that they wanted or gave votes for.

I know this is a personal opinion, but in my head, they need to focus improvements that LIFT the user experience from the actual ongoing flaws, instead of adding “nice-to-haves”…

Link: [Guess they didn't like the reaction]

Like I said above, this is just a personal opinion ,and I know I have spoken very strongly about fixing the BPM issue…but I really feel that this one thing is holding back the rest… and if its not fixed before launching the new units, this will create a new wave of complaints on the same excisting issue.

And that would really be a shame for the “re-branding” of Denon.

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I think spending such a large amount of money on equipment which does the basics very badly…I’d say that’s letting me down.

Your also assuming that the Denon team are stupid enough to think that being able to tag your tracks on the system is more important than BPM algorithms…which I dont think is the case, I’d hope they understand the priority of such a feature.

I AM guilty of bashing Denon without giving them praise for what they have done, but I find this to be implied as most people are having the same experience. None of the updates have blown my mind though…Wifi…excellent, I dont use TIDAL. If they had introduced the Beatport system then that would have BLOWN my mind. I had never even heard of TIDAL until Denon announced it.

So yeah I get what your saying, but we can surely all agree something needs to be done about the BPM elephant in the room :man_shrugging:


Did I miss a press release where they mentioned there’d be firmware updates today? Is it possible these firmware/OS and Engine Prime updates are just supposed to coincide with the release of the new products next month or later? I thought today was just NAMM gear stuff.

For the newer hardware Q2…does that mean second quarter of this year which would be April-May?

If they are saying Q2, then that means April to June. I thought I originally heard they’d be out in Feb. Might have misread, though.

Here’s my prediction for the Prime 2 Internal hard drive bay with 2 usb slots. Wi-fi streaming. Bluetooth speaker connectivity. Rechargeable 4-6 hour runtime or mains. Robust case for the Dj on the go. Probably completely wrong lol

Just Prime 2 today, or more, do you think?

Will that not introduce latency between action and sound?

They can stick speakers in the unit, boom box experience :nerd_face:

Pmsl I thought I was being silly

When is the announcement? It’s Monday here and Tuesday in New Zealand

In about 30 mins.

on the official website or in the facebook page denon dj?

No idea, to be honest - I dont do Facebook. I am checking the twitter feed.